Landowners - Host a Trail Segment

The Ice Age Trail would not exist without the generosity of private landowners. Thanks to these community-minded citizens, more than 100 miles of Ice Age Trail are open for hiking on private land.

Many Ice Age Trail segments on private land remain open to the public through handshake or license agreements between the landowner and the Ice Age Trail Alliance. Though tremendously helpful, these informal agreements are sometimes lost when properties are sold and land uses change.

Fortunately, increasing numbers of landowners are permanently protecting the Ice Age Trail on their properties by donating or selling their property or conservation easements to the Ice Age Trail Alliance or one of its partners. Thanks to these landowners, the Ice Age Trail is closer to remaining open to public walking forever.

Protecting land in partnership with the Ice Age Trail Alliance provides several options, each offering flexibility to make sure you have the type of agreement you want and the protection of your land for the life of that arrangement. Agreements between landowners and the Ice Age Trail Alliance can vary in length, type and cost. Some arrangements may provide a landowner with tax benefits. These arrangements include reserved life estates, gifts by will, bargain sales, installment sales and donated conservation easements.

If you are interested in hosting a new segment of the Ice Age Trail or permanetly protecting an existing Trail segment across your property, we would love to speak with you. Please contact Kevin Thusius, Ice Age Trail Alliance Director of Land Conservation (800-227-0046,

For an inspiring story about one landowner's generosity, read this article from a recent issue of Mammoth Tales, the IATA's quarterly magazine.

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