The Ice Age Trail Alliance is structured and governed according to the organization's bylaws. The IATA has further developed policy direction for the organization and the Trail itself in a Strategic Plan for 2011 through 2015, consistent with federal and state laws and regulations. The policies below guide Ice Age Trail Alliance staff and volunteers as they create, support and protect the Ice Age Trail. In this way, the Trail continues to be managed as a single, continuous footpath.

Broad management direction and philosophy for the Ice Age National Scenic Trail are set forth in the Comprehensive Plan for Management and Use (1983) and Vision Statement and Attributes (2002). A list of responsibilities associated with each of the Ice Age Trail's Triad partners (Ice Age Trail Alliance, National Park Service and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources) is found within the Memorandum of Understanding.

As an organization dedicated to the preservation of the environment for all to enjoy, the Ice Age Trail Alliance has adopted many green practices along the way. Click here to learn how we work to conserve, whether outdoors or in the office.