Staff and Board of Directors


"Passionate" is an understatement - our staff members live and breathe the Ice Age Trail. With decades of collective experience on the job with Ice Age Trail Alliance, they tap a diverse range of backgrounds that fuel their intense dedication and service to the Ice Age Trail.

Utilizing formal educations in Biology, History, Business, Fine Arts and Journalism, our staff engages a broad perspective on understanding and filling the Trail's varied needs.

Hard work is no stranger to this group. Between them, they have taught wilderness survival skills and endured Outward Bound mountaineering in the Sierras. They've worked for the National Audubon Society and a county land trust. Add the expertise of a former environmental research publication editor and the tenacity of a once fully self-supporting artist/photographer. All told, a widely knowledgeable and highly capable mix of people.

Ice Age Trail Alliance staffers find time to have fun, too. Sometimes it's sticking close to home while hiking, canoeing or watching Packer and Badger games. Other times it's guiding trips to more distant destinations like the western United States, Virgin Islands, Kenya and Galapagos Islands.

From corridor planning, land acquisition, trail layout and construction methods to land stewardship, trail maintenance, volunteer organization and support, Ice Age Trail Alliance staff members work diligently to enrich and perpetuate the legacy of the Ice Age Trail.

Mike Wollmer
Executive Director

Mike is the chief executive of the Ice Age Trail Alliance and is responsible for managing, planning, directing, administering, and evaluating all components of the Alliance’s programs, staff productivity, and volunteer support. He ensures that program activities, operational budget, and financial planning are consistent with the mission of the IATA and meet the long term goals identified by the Board of Directors in the Strategic Plan. As the principal spokesperson for the Alliance, he is responsible for maintaining productive dialogue with Triad partners (National Park Service and Department of Natural Resources) and all government entities and ensuring that the interests of the organization are represented at government meetings and events.

Tim Malzhan
Director of Trail Operations

Tim manages the IATA Trail Program by assessing and prioritizing statewide trail and trail infrastructure opportunities and needs, and developing and managing projects and policies related to designing, building, maintaining, and stewarding the Trail. He is the principal architect of the Mobile Skills Crew program and the Trail Notebook Series. Other key duties include working closely with partners and volunteers to ensure that environmental compliance, funding, planning, and Trail management objectives are met. His introduction to the Trail was thru-hiking it in 1991.

Kevin Thusius
Director of Land Conservation

Kevin manages the IATA Lands program by executing land transactions for the Alliance and by assisting partners with land protection efforts for the Trail. He also manages the Alliance’s roughly 3,000 acres of land interests, including more than 50 easements and dozens of Alliance-owned preserves. Other key duties include leading the Alliance’s advocacy efforts related to land protection and land management and assisting with large-scale planning efforts led by our partners.

Eric Sherman
Information Systems Coordinator

Eric joined the IATA staff in 2006 and manages the IATA’s constituency database, donor/membership communications, volunteer hours tracking program, awards program, and the updating and publication processes for the IATA’s suite of guidebooks. He also serves as the office IT coordinator and is a key contributor to Mobile Skills Crew program communications. Eric is a half-time employee, switching from full-time in 2011 upon the birth of his daughter, Pearl.

Brad Crary
Eastern Field Representative

Brad works closely with 13 of the 21 volunteer chapters assisting with their needs and communicating the strategies and expectations of the Alliance, National Park Service (NPS), and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). He attends chapter meetings and events, provides technical assistance identifying trail maintenance projects, assists with NPS-led Corridor Planning strategies, and helps make landowner contacts. Before joining the staff in 2008, Brad could be spotted at Mobile Skills Crew (MSC) events as a volunteer Crew Leader. Today, he can be seen filling several MSC project team roles, including managing project support.

Tiffany Stram
GIS Specialist

Tiffany maintains the IATA’s Geographic Information System (GIS). In addition to keeping trail and lands data up to date, she coordinates GPS (Global Positioning System) mapping efforts and supports the entire Alliance with maps and mileage statistics. Tiffany provides GIS/mapping and GPS assistance to many of the staff and ensures that other agencies and organizations have up-to-date Trail information. She also is part of the team that updates IATA’s suite of guidebooks. Tiffany lives in West Bend with her husband and two children.

Joanne Ellarson
Administrative Assistant

Jo answers phones, assists walk-in guests, ships merchandise, keeps inventories, performs data entry, pays bills, and performs many other duties essential to the smooth running of the Alliance office and programs. She also enjoys spending some time maintaining the landscape both around the IATA building and on the Trail, and she does some maintenance inside the office. Visitors to the IATA office might catch Jo up on a ladder with needle and thread — the job of sewing leaves and acorns on the beautiful Giving Tree falls to her as well.

Matt Kaufmann
Executive Assistant

Matt joined the IATA staff in January of 2012, and his responsibilities relate to development, outreach, and management. He implements the development plan through coordinating grant proposals, annual giving, and memberships. Matt manages the IATA’s social media presence and assists with special events like the Annual Conference and Membership Meeting. He spends his free time hiking on the Trail, playing ultimate frisbee, reading the works of Edward Abbey, paddling his canoe, and swinging a pulaski. Matt’s headwear of choice is a Stormy Kromer.

Luke Kloberdanz
Outreach and Education Manager

Luke Leads the Alliance’s education and outreach programs. This includes managing Saunters, the IATA’s school hiking program, coordinating outreach events, and designing training opportunities for volunteers and chapters. He also makes connections with communities and partners to create new opportunities to get people out on the Ice Age Trail. Luke lives in Lodi with his wife Letha, son Gus and dog Milo.

Dave Caliebe
Trail Program Specialist

Dave started as Trail Program Specialist in April 2013, helping to increase the capacity of the program in order to craft more trail. He coordinates and supervises volunteers at Mobile Skills Crew events and provides leadership and training to local chapters. Dave also chronicles the MSC events through his writing and photography (if you see him with a camera, he’s not slacking off – he’s working). He has been an active participant in IATA volunteer programs for several years and thru-hiked the Trail in 2010. In his spare time, Dave likes traveling with the wind and discovering the hidden beauty of Wisconsin and beyond.

Jamie Fisher
Publications Coordinator

Jamie works with all things communication in the IATA office. She manages the production of Mammoth Tales and Connections, the member and landowner newsletters, and puts together the monthly eNews. She also updates the website, writes news releases, and works on the IATA’s various publications. Jamie is part-time at the Alliance and spends her other 20 hours working as an Associate Planner for the Division of Forestry at the Department of Natural Resources. In her free time she plays ultimate frisbee, paddles her canoe and works on learning new knots.

Board of Directors

Executive Committee

  • President: David Lonsdorf, Verona, WI
  • President-Elect: Kevin Delorey, Lake Mills, WI
  • Treasurer: Marcy Kempf, Milwaukee, WI
  • Secretary: Gary Klatt, Whitewater, WI
  • VP, Development: Jason Dorgan, Blue Mounds, WI
  • VP, Leadership Development: Dave Phillips, Madison, WI
  • VP, Personnel: Rebecca Hamrin, Milwaukee, WI


  • Rod Bartlow, Slinger, WI
  • Jan Froelich, Verona, WI
  • Bob Funk, Wheaton, IL
  • Robert Melzer, Sheboygan, WI
  • David Mickelson, Madison, WI
  • Jerry Sazama, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Nancy Schuster, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Brook Waalen, Luck, WI

Directors Emeritus

  • Adam Cahow
  • Robert Cromer
  • Tom Drought
  • Norm Huth
  • Joe Jopek
  • Dave Kinnamon
  • Terry Kohler
  • David Lovejoy
  • Robert Rusch

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