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Online Trail Map

The map below shows all official Ice Age National Scenic Trail segments (the blue lines) and unofficial connecting routes (the green lines). On the ground, official segments are marked with yellow blazes, and connecting routes are unmarked.

Please enjoy using our online Trail Map tool, but be aware of these two disclaimers:

  • This tool is intended to provide a basic snapshot of the Ice Age Trail route. For a thorough overview of how to find the Ice Age Trail and what you’ll see once you are there, check out our guidebooks (more info below).
  • The Ice Age Trail route data shown here (blue and green lines) are maintained by the Ice Age Trail Alliance, but just about everything else is managed by Google. The Ice Age Trail Alliance gives no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of Google Maps data.


The best resources for navigating the Ice Age Trail are two books published by the Ice Age Trail Alliance: the Ice Age Trail Guidebook 2014 and the Ice Age Trail Atlas 2014. Both books are available in our store.

Free book samples to help you get started are available on our Recommended Hikes page.

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