2017 Project Information

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At first glance, the 2017 MSC calendar looks packed with more events than ever – and it is – but, the smaller, regional events (now coined MSC Mini), which had been occurring with little fanfare over recent years, are now being brought into the light to grow awareness (and volunteers!).

Download a copy of the schedule: [PDF Schedule]

To sign up for a project or two or several, click on the event title/Registration Link and be taken to the project registration page.

Photo Date Type of Event Registration Link
Aug 9-13 (Wed-Sun) MSC Mammoth New Trail ConstructionRingle Segment, Marathon County
Aug 24-26 (Thurs-Sat) MSC Mini Boardwalk Construction: Clover Valley Segment, Walworth County
Sept 13-17 (Wed-Sun) MSC Mammoth New Trail Construction: Walla Hi Segment, Manitowoc County
Oct 11-15 (Wed-Sun) MSC Mammoth New Trail Construction: Firth Lake Segment, Chippewa County
Oct 26-28 (Thurs-Sat) MSC Mini Boardwalk ConstructionEagle Segment, Waukesha County

MSC Mammoth: These large-scale events encompass a broad range of activities involving 75 to 300 volunteers occur over the course of four to six blockbuster days.

MSC Mini: These smaller events focus on a tighter geographic area to accomplish specific trail improvements and accommodate up to 30 people per day. These projects ask you to be more self-supported and offer the opportunity to interact more closely with local and statewide volunteers in a cohesive environment.

Training: These events reflect focused skill-building opportunities built into the Mobile Skills Crew event.

In 2017, there are four, large-scale events (MSC Mammoth) when combined, aim to create over 5 new miles of Ice Age Trail. These events require the collective efforts of partners and volunteers from across the state to tackle large-scale, positive change. This season includes differently-sized events to match the scale of work needed. Adaptability and agility are the trademarks of strong, long-lasting institutions and the MSC program looks forward to the next 15 years – and beyond.

Check out 2017 Outcomes below.

Photo Date Type of Event Description Outcomes
Feb 3-5             (Fri-Sun) Winter Rendezvous: (Educate, Empower, Play), Lincoln County
April 7-8        (Fri-Sat) MSC Mini Corridor Clearing taking place at three simultaneous events across the state.
1. Ringle Segment, Marathon County
2. Firth Lake Segment, Chippewa County
3. Walla Hi Segment, Manitowoc County
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May 17-21 (Wed-Sun) MSC Mammoth New Trail Construction: Ringle Segment, Marathon County Click here for project outcomes.
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May 31-June 2   (Wed-Fri) Training Boardwalk Training: Eagle Segment, Waukesha County Click here for project outcomes.
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  June 1-3 (Thurs-Sat) MSC Mini Storm Damage Clean-up: Blue Hills, Rusk County Click here for project outcomes.
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June 22-25 (Thurs-Sun) Training Ice Age Trail University:  Merrill School Forest,      Lincoln County Click here for project outcomes.
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July 11-13 (Tue-Thurs) MSC Mini Farm Technology Days – Algoma, Kewaunee County
July 26-29 (Wed-Sat) MSC Mini Bridge Construction: Lake Eleven Segment, Taylor County