2018 Annual Conference Resources

Welcome. Please enjoy a recap of the wealth of information offered during the 2018 Annual Conference.

Here are the PowerPoint slides (as PDFs) and/or handouts which accompanied many of the presentations:

Thursday/Saturday: What’s On Tap

Thursday: Geology of the Ice Age Trail, Eastern Region

Friday: Chapter Leadership Summit – Slide presentation and minutes

Saturday: My Prairie Garden Story

Saturday: Land/Trail Protection in the 21st Century

Saturday: Collaborative Fundraising

Saturday: NPS Awards

Saturday: Mammoth Achievement Awards 

Backpacking Track:

Trip Planning, Logistics, and Navigation – Hiker Resources

Leave No Trace

Backpacking 101 (handout)

5 Military Rucking Rules Every Backpacker Should Know (handout)

Training Tips for beginner backpackers (handout)

Hikers Bodies (handout)

Blister care for the Trail (handout)

The 10 essentials (handout)

Top 10 Highest Calorie Hiking Foods (handout)

Menu planning sites and suggestions (handout)

Meal Planning – Recipes (handout)

What’s Inside Your Pack (REI staff)