2019 Annual Conference Resources

Welcome. Please enjoy a recap of the wealth of information offered during the 2019 Annual Conference.

Here are the PowerPoint slides (as PDFs) and/or handouts which accompanied many of the presentations:

Thursday: Trail Community Forum

Friday: Chapter Leadership Summit – Slide presentation and minutes – Coming Soon!

Chapter Leadership Summit – Volunteer Leadership Team presentation

Saturday: Trailbuilding: What’s On Tap

Saturday: Trailbuilding: Building for the 23rd Century

Saturday: Land Program: Property Monitoring Advanced Training

Saturday: Finding Inspiration on Your Hike – Mike McArdle

Saturday: Finding Inspiration on Your Hike – Cameron Gillie

Saturday: ColdCache, Not Your Average Hiking Adventure

Saturday: Long-Distance Hiking Seminar: Welcome and Hiker Resources

Saturday: NPS Awards

Saturday: Mammoth Achievement Awards

Other: Ice Age Trail Crossword Puzzle, Page 1 and Page 2