7 Reasons for Newbies to Attend the Ice Age Trail Alliance Annual Conference

Ice Age Trail Alliance

The Ice Age Trail Alliance 2022 Annual Conference and Membership Meeting is Thursday, April 21 – Sunday, April 24, 2022 in Stevens Point, WI.

Are you a recently-joined member of the Alliance? Long-time member who has never attended? Working on a section-hike or thru-hike of the Ice Age Trail? Enthusiastic hiker eager to learn more?

Our conference schedule includes many things you may be interested in: a long-distance hiking seminar, presentations from thousand-milers, special interest sessions ranging from ice age geology to trailbuilding 101, a screening of the documentary about Emily Ford, “Breaking Trail,” guided hikes, and a keynote presentation from record-setting hiker, Jennifer Pharr Davis… to name a few.

Still not sure? Here are a 7 more reasons you may want to attend!

1. It’s a judgement-free zone.

No one will judge your zip-offs, sweat-wicking fabrics, trail-worn boots or chocs with socks — they’re all wearing the same thing.

2. Give the loved ones in your life a break from listening to you incessantly talk trail.

Do you often find yourself waxing poetic about the sturdiness of a new boardwalk? Meet a whole group of people who will be just as excited as you are to discuss trail topics at length.

3. Skip the small talk, break the ice with topics you actually care about.

Cairns? Painted rocks? The merits of trail runners versus traditional boots? I’m sure you have opinions, and so will the person you’re talking to.

4. Ask the hiking questions that are strange to ask but important to know.

How many pairs of underwear are too many for a backpacking trip? How many are too few?

5. Trade tips with the pros.

Duct tape around the ankles just not cutting it? Best way to prevent blisters? Certainly, one of the other avid hikers in this room knows a secret technique you haven’t thought of yet!

6. Learn the lingo before your first volunteer event.

What is a swamper? A grubber? Which one of these tools is a mcleod? Pick up some of the vocab ahead of time. The veterans will be astounded by how much you know!

7. Become the Ice Age Trail expert your friends think you are.

Trailbuilding? Ice age geology? Land stewardship? We have a schedule full of all the sessions you need to learn JUST enough ice age facts to impress your friends with your knowledge the next time you bring them on a hike.

We hope to see you there!

SAVE the DATE: Thursday, April 21 – Sunday, April 24, 2022

At Stevens Point, Wi at the Stevens Point Holiday Inn & Convention Center.

There are options to attend for some or all of the conference. Click here for a detailed schedule of events.