How to Build a Cathedral in 2016

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Trailbuilding at Rusch Preserve

Photo credit: R. Roberts

The great cathedrals of Europe were years in the making. Like the Ice Age Trail, the wonders of Notre-Dame, Saint-Denis and Chartres demonstrate how solutions evolve and the work of one generation leads to and builds on the work of another.

The Ice Age Trail, entering its 36th year as a National Scenic Trail, also continues to evolve and improve from the lessons learned and hard work of successive years. Thank You to all 171 volunteers who pitched in for 3,672 hours to help build a cathedral of the ages for the current generation, and those well into the future, along the Rib Lake Segment of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to:
• Rodney Strobach for equipment use and repair;
• Buzz Meyer, Steve McCabe and the High Point chapter for unwavering support;
• Project Team members from ‘field to fork’ for your leadership and dedication;
• Michelob ULTRA, North Central Outdoors and all who contributed financial assistance;
• Medford, Monona Grove “MG21” and UW-Hoofers students, staff and community partners for providing a needed boost and loads of fun;
• New Vision Wilderness for their partnership and continued efforts to improve the IAT in Taylor County;
• The Butler, Scheithauer, Rusch and Strobach families for helping permanently protect the route of the Trail.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Mobile Skills Crew Rib Lake May 2016

Photo credit: G.Kain

NEXT UP: June 22-26, the Blue Hills of Rusk and Barron Counties are calling. We’re mowing, clearing, signing and maintaining existing sections of the Ice Age Trail by deploying small crews throughout a 20-mile area.

Additionally, we’ll build a 20-foot bridge, and cast an eye towards a mind-boggling “Dreamer” reroute (compass skills required!!) which is early in the embryonic stages of trail development.

Once again, thank you for all you do for the Ice Age Trail! As a volunteer-based organization, the Ice Age Trail Alliance and its partners at the National Park Service and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources rely on volunteers like you to continue to be the driving force in our efforts to create, support and protect the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.