9 Boardwalks and 1.4 Miles of New Trail!

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Ringle Segment, Marathon County, Mobile Skills Crew event, Trailbuilding

One of the nine boardwalks constructed along the newly opened 1.4 miles of Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Photo by Gail Piotrowski.

For more than 40 years, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail passed through a parcel of private land, squeezing between a shed and a house on the Ringle Segment. Thanks to your help, the Trail is now open; wending through a more scenic setting, bypassing private property, and is permanently protected.

Thanks to the 172 volunteers who contributed 3,124 hours helping to open 1.4 miles of new Trail that includes 9 new boardwalks totaling 514 feet, dozens of painted blazes, well-crafted tread, and durable stonework tossed in for good measure.

Download a Project Outcomes map to get a better sense of where the progress is being made for this multi-year project.

Join us again in August to help us get one step closer to officially opening this 3-mile portion of the reimagined Ringle Segment!

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Ringle Segment, Marathon County, 2019 Mobile Skills Crew Trailbuilding Season

A team of volunteers build one of the nine boardwalks which now grace the Ringle Segment of the Ice Age Trail. Photo by Dave Caliebe.

Special Thanks to:

  • Marathon County Solid Waste Department for providing base camp, tables, chairs, a tent, and a very thorough and interesting tour of the landfill.
  • Central Moraines Chapter members for the preparation, entertainment, energetic representation, and assortment of baked goodies.
  • Rick and Karla Larson for providing lumber transportation.
  • Dolly McNulty, Debbie Krogwold, and the kitchen crew for delicious food.
  • Bob Kaspar and Theresa Werner for rocking the roles as Crew Leader Managers and Bob Funk as Technical Advisor.
  • All the Crew Leaders who helped shepherd crews each day.
  • David Manteufel and Sam Picone for use of a tractor and UTV, respectively, to help ferry materials and enable access to the worksite.
  • C. Everest Middle School 7th graders who hauled lumber and helped corridor clear a crucial access point.
  • C. Everest IDEA students and advisors for all the sweat equity while corridor clearing.
  • Jennie-O, and Pine River Pre-Pack for filling our bellies.
  • Zastrow the Beer Man for the eclectic assortment of beer.
  • Don and Linda Patterson for access and 40 years of hosting the Ice Age Trail.
  • DNR staff for ongoing assistance.
  • Parker Quinn Siems for fantastic guitar playing and singing.

Support for this project was provided through the BA and Esther Greenheck Foundation, the Judd S. Alexander Foundation, the National Park Foundation, the John and Melissa Besse Foundation, the Department of Natural Resources, and Delta Dental.

Next up:

We return to the Dane County Ice Age Interpretive Site June 19 – 23 to continue our work in establishing the first section of Trail akin to a National Park in Wisconsin. Tread construction, wood and stonework, trail signage, and invasive species eradication await!

June Ice Age Interpretive Site project registration here.

Generous Sponsors of the 2019 Mobile Skills Crew Trailbuilding Season include:

Sitka Salmon Shares is offering all Ice Age Trail enthusiasts and trailbuilders a $25.00 discount on your purchase of a salmon or seafood share. They’ll donate $25.00 to our award-winning Mobile Skills Crew program.