Announcing IATA Photo Contest

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Jerry Lake Segment Taylor County Chippewa Moraine

A glimpse of boardwalk along the Jerry Lake Segment of the Chippewa Moraine in Taylor County.
Photo credit: D. Caliebe

We Need Photographs of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail!

We are on the lookout for photos we can use in our publications. Right now, we have a 2020 edition of Ice Age Trail Guidebook in the works.

What makes the Guidebook so valuable, besides detailed segment-by-segment descriptions and maps, is the high quality, expressive photographs it contains. Most of the pictures were taken, not by professional photographers, but by trail enthusiasts who snapped the shot while out hiking! Each photo wonderfully captures the beauty of the trail experience.

The Ice Age National Scenic Trail a view from Devil's Lake State Park, Sauk County

A hiker rejuvenating in the breath-taking view of Devil’s Lake State Park, Sauk County.
Photo credit: D. Nowak

Here’s what we need from you, avid hiker and photographer:

1 – 5 of your favorite photographs. We request the original file, not a downsized version. We need as many pixels as possible for print reproduction.

We welcome a variety of pictures, general landscape, flowers, and wildlife, and especially attractive subject matter (for our purposes) includes people interacting with and having fun along the Trail. (See examples of what we’re talking about below.)

It is always helpful if a yellow blaze is present in the photograph to establish Ice Age Trail identity.

Vertically oriented photographs are rare, so please send us some of those, too!

Please submit your photos to [email protected]

DEADLINE: May 1, 2019

Each individual photo submission should include:

-Permission to reprint in Alliance publications
-Photographer name
-Photo location, and ideally, the official Ice Age Trail segment name
-Names of those shown in photo

Here are some examples of few of our favorite photos:

Photo by Cameron Gillie.

Photo by Dave Caliebe.

Photo by Pat Witkowski.

Photo by Rachel Roberts.

What’s In It for You?

How ’bout some Love, Love, Love…

If your photograph(s) are selected for use in the 2020 Ice Age Trail Guidebook your name will appear in the photo credits and you will receive a free copy of the Guidebook, a $30.00 value.

If your photograph(s) are selected for other publication purposes, say an IATA blog post, your name will appear in the photo credits, and you’ll get the thrill of knowing your photo helped express the key point in a story.

And, yes, lots of LOVE.  You will receive our immense appreciation for so generously sharing your love of beauty and of the Trail with us in this way.