Dave Caliebe

Trail Program Manager

Dave plans, coordinates, executes, and reports on Trail program undertakings of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. 

Dave started as Trail Program Specialist in 2013, helping to increase the capacity of the Alliance to craft more Ice Age National Scenic Trail. He works collaboratively with staff, volunteers, government agencies, and private partners to execute on-the-ground construction and maintenance of the Ice Age Trail. Dave also coordinates and supervises volunteers at large-scale, Alliance-sponsored trailbuilding events and provides leadership and training to local chapters. Dave also chronicles the outcomes of these trailbuilding events through his writing and photography (if you see him with a camera, he’s not slacking off – he’s working).

He has been an active participant in Alliance volunteer programs for several years and thru-hiked the Trail in 2010.

In his spare time, Dave likes traveling with the wind and discovering the hidden beauty of Wisconsin and beyond.

Favorite Ice Age Trail Segment: The St. Croix Falls Segment.  “The emotions that overcame me when I saw the Western Terminus after two months of hiking is something that will stick with my forever. Plus, it’s a truly beautiful segment with the Trail skirting around and on basalt from old lava flows.”