Endowment: the IATA Property Monitoring Fund

Contribution to our Property Monitoring Fund makes you a vital part of the Ice Age Trail’s legacy. Your support creates outdoor opportunities to last forever and makes creating, supporting and protecting the Ice Age National Scenic Trail possible with all generations of trail users in mind. Read on to learn more about the Fund and how you can contribute.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance’s Responsibility

Ensuring the legacy of the Trail requires that we accept responsibility to maintain the land where the Ice Age Trail exists into perpetuity. Accreditation by the Land Trust Accreditation Commission recognizes that our organization has the ability, right now, to manage and maintain the properties protecting the Trail. It’s only responsible that we ensure the ability to do this forever.

One condition of accreditation is a sustained effort to establish and maintain an endowment fund that will permanently cover the costs of property management and maintenance. An endowment is one method for ensuring we can support the trail and the land it’s on forever.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a fund where the only dollars spent come from the interest that is generated off principal, thus sustaining itself year after year. The IATA’s Property Monitoring Fund covers the annual cost of performing monitoring on our property interests, including easements, Alliance-owned land, deed restricted properties and others. With your generosity, the Alliance will acquire additional properties. We will readjust our costs and add to the fund.

Contributing to the Property Monitoring Fund

Please consider making a pledge to help us establish and maintain the Property Monitoring Fund. Your support will protect the Ice Age Trail forever.

If you are interested in contributing to the Alliance’s endowment fund or learning more, please contact Executive Director Mike Wollmer at (800) 227-0046 or mike@iceagetrail.org.