Friend of the Ice Age Trail Award 2017

Fontana Sports Specialties was the 2017 recipient of the Friends of the Ice Age Trail award. As Luke Kloberdanz, Director of Philanthropy wrote in his nomination of Fontana:

“One fine example of Fontana Sports Specialties’ dedication to being a Friend of the Trail is this: Since 2014 Fontana Sports has hosted two fundraising events annually for the Alliance which focus on putting people directly on the Trail. The first event is an evening trail run called the Headlamp Hustle. The second event is a fall trail run titled Fall Colors Run. While these events benefit the Alliance financially (with a total contribution of well over $10,000), they represent the purest form of engagement found in Alliance work, putting people directly into contact with the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Each event hosts over 100 participants as they enjoy some of the most challenging sections of the Trail to run. Despite the grueling nature of the routes, every participant arrives at the finish line with a sense of appreciation for what the Trail brings to the lives of people and communities across the state.”

Check out all the fun had at this year’s Headlamp Hustle [Facebook album] and at an outstanding Fall Colors Run [Facebook album].

*This award recognizes individuals, foundations, businesses and other organizations for their strong support of the Ice Age Trail through sizable monetary contributions, enabling new capacity within the IATA; partnering with the IATA or promoted the Ice Age Trail in a unique or significant way; or built coalitions, partnerships or other forms of local support that has contributed significantly to the ongoing success of the Ice Age Trail.