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Gail Piotrowski, 2020 Trail Steward of the Year. Photo by Rachel Roberts.

The Trail Steward of the Year Award recognizes a volunteer whose work contributes in an extraordinary manner to Trail management and development. This year’s award recognizes Gail Piotrowski of Wausau, WI and Chapter Coordinator of the Central Moraines Chapter (Marathon County).

Piotrowski, an active Mobile Skills Crew (MSC) Leader and proud Thousand-Miler, has dedicated an extensive amount of time to both hiking and building the Trail. She leads by example, teaching volunteers the art of building sustainable trail and proper signage. She was especially instrumental in facilitating MSC events to create the Ringle Segment in 2019. Demonstrating her capable and hardworking nature, she worked in all kinds of weather, coordinated pre-project work crews, delivered food, welcomed volunteers, arranged entertainment, tracked volunteer hours, and much more. Bob Funk, IATA Board President, said of Ms. Piotrowski: “Gail exemplifies the qualities of a Trail Steward with her endless chapter and trail-wide service. She works to create the best experience possible for our members, volunteers, and trail users.”

SPECIAL FEATURE: Gail’s winsome personality, dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work on behalf of the Ice Age Trail is truly an inspiration. Bill Polacheck, volunteer writer for the Ice Age Trail Alliance, conducted an in-depth interview with Gail. Read more here.