Langlade County Chapter


All segments in Langlade County are open but conditions may vary on segments or time.

There is a 10-20 inch snow base with icy stretches in the county. Some parking areas are unplowed so please consider options. For trip planning, check the web address below for a future projection of weather conditions in the area.

Trail Conditions and User Information.



*Kettlebowl Segment:  Vehicles parking at the Town of Evergreen Cemetery plowed driveways on Sherry/Oak Road are subject to county trepassing and impoundment ordinances. In winter, snowplow equipment use the driveway entrances to turn around in snow removal operations of local roads. The Town of Evergreen has also not granted permission for hiker parking in the cemetery. 

*Summit Moraine Segment: The Bog walk at Game Lake was recently restored by the Langlade County Forestry, Park and Recreation Department staff.  Hikers can use use the bog walk or take a longer stroll and enjoy more of the Game Lake Nature Trail.

*Parrish Hills Segment: The new stretch of the segment from the Parrish Game Trail forest lane to 5 Cent Road is now marked and open. However, hikers should be cautious of low-cut stumps on the recently built trail by a WisCorps crew and local volunteers. The recent reroute re-establishes a shorter stretch of off-road trail through a section between the two forest lanes devastated by a tornado in 2011. The new stretch is shown as yellow dashes on a map included in the Parrish Hills portion of the Trail Conditions PDF (see above web link).

About the Chapter

The Langlade County Chapter has been actively involved with the Ice Age Trail since 1973. Activities include chapter hikes, community outreach and trail maintenance. The chapter is planning a group hike tentatively set for Saturday April 29. 2023.

Segment stewards are responsible for specific sections of the 55 miles of trail in the county. About 2/3 of the trail passes over public lands owned and administered by the county and state. Anyone wishing to get involved in the local trail activities, please contact the chapter.

The chapter will be offering a special hiker’s patch during next year’s observance of it’s 50th year of Ice Age Trail activity in  Langlade County. The patches will be awarded to hikers who make two of the chapter hikes held either in 2022 and/or 2023. The special patches will also be sold to indivduals who hiked one or more the five segments in the county during the 50th Anniversary observance. Dates of 2023 chapter hikes and final details on the special patch will be available later.

The Langlade County Ice Age Trail Chapter’s Annual Meeting will be held via Zoom on Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 7 PM. Members are encouraged to attend.

Chapter Newsletter and Facebook 

You can stay up to date by reading the latest issue of the chapter newsletter, The Langlade Erratic – October 2022 or check the chapter Facebook page at

For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in Langlade County, contact the chapter’s coordinator: Joe Jopek, 622 First Avenue, Antigo, WI 54409 call 715-623-2645 or e-mail  [email protected]

Banner Photo               

A wintry view of Townline Lake, a photo favorite through the seasons in the county. From the CTH T Parrish Hills Trailhead, a mature hemlock grove shortly encountered along the lake’s eastern shore is like entering a cathedral. The original trail once followed County T west from the current trailhead at the county wayside. It passed the wayside depicted above to the intersection with a forest lane for the trek northwest to Lincoln County’s Harrison Hills Trailhead. It did not take long to discover the amenities of rerouting the trail along the eastern shore of Townline Lake astride the boundary of the Towns of Elcho and Summit. Before reaching the hemlock grove, there is a 66 step stairway to the top of the bordering Basswood Hill. Atop the hill was a former fire tower which offered views to the west of the Harrison Hills Terminal Moraine and the ridge line of the Parrish Terminal Moraine to the south. (Photo taken February 24, 2018)