Langlade County Chapter

About the Chapter

The Langlade County Chapter has been actively involved with the Ice Age Trail since 1973. Activities include chapter hikes, community outreach, and Trail maintenance. Segment stewards are responsible for specific sections of the approximate 61 miles of Trail in the county. About 2/3 of the Trail passes over public lands owned and administered by the county and state.

Chapter Leadership:

Chapter Coordinator: Melinda and Brian Nelson, email:

Chapter Treasurer: Sam Picone

Chapter Secretary: Kris Van Handel

If you’re interested in trail monitoring assisting with trail maintenance, shuttling, or other volunteer activities, please email Melinda or Brian Nelson, No experience is necessary, and we will train you.

Trail Conditions:

All segments in Langlade County are open and ready for hikers as of 4/10/24. The trails are alternately muddy and there is still some snow and ice in some areas. Be aware that if you are driving any gravel roads to a trail head that these are likely muddy. Some of the trails are shared access. Parking details for most trailheads can be found below.  The Mueller Lake parking near Polar on Highway 64 is open. For trip planning, you may want to check the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center for weather condition projections for our area. Campgrounds in the area open May 16th. 

Ticks have been spotted on the trail. Please consider preventative measures prior to hiking: Tick Bites/Prevention | Tick-borne Diseases | Ticks | CDC

Parrish Hills Segment:  Mileage is 12 miles. The new stretch of the segment from the Parrish Game Trail Forest lane to 5 Cent Road is now marked and open. However, hikers should be cautious of low-cut stumps on the recent reroute. This new segment will be blazed in the Spring. There is a water crossing of the Prairie River. Water levels run ankle to knee high. The parking at Townline Lake on Highway T is open. The gravel roads around the Parrish Hills area are muddy.

Highland Lakes Segment:  Mileage is 12.8. The trail is in good to excellent condition. The branch of the Eau Claire River is flowing but is ankle-to mid-calf in depth. The small parking area near Camp Susan is open.

Summit Moraine Segment: Mileage is 12.4. The Bog walk at Game Lake was recently restored by the Langlade County Forestry, Park and Recreation Department staff.   Hikers can use the bog walk route (white blazes) or take a longer stroll and enjoy more of the Game Lake Nature Trail (yellow blazes). The parking lot at Jack Lake and the Spychalla Lodge is open.

Lumbercamp Segment: Mileage is 12. The trail is clear.  The logging roads have some sections of mud. The County Road S parking lot is open, but muddy. The Lumbercamp parking area on Highway A is open and mostly dry.

Kettlebowl Segment:  Mileage is 10.2. Vehicles parking at the Town of Evergreen Cemetery driveways on Sherry/Oak Road are subject to county trespassing and impoundment ordinances.  The Town of Evergreen has also not granted permission for hiker parking in the cemetery. Park at the ATV Parking lot on Sherry Road. There is also a new parking lot off of Highway 52 and the gate has been moved. The lot is located before the gate. Please do not park past the gate towards the ski area as the gate is locked at 4:30 pm daily. The area has been recently logged which created new troads.

Ice Override Preserve: Mileage is 0.7 The recently completed 0.7 section breaks up a 26 mile road section off Old 26 Road. This segment includes a DCA and some beautiful views.

Hummock Hiker Hiking Incentive Program:

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The Hiking Award program patch of the Langlade County Chapter.


Hike the miles.
Get a patch (and Certificate of Achievement, if you want one)!

Adventure across Langlade County’s rugged Ice Age Trail segments. Ford rivers, climb high-relief hummocky topography, and meander through forests as you enjoy scenic kettle lakes and bogs. Experience “frost pockets” and enormous erratics while you chase yellow blazes.

Download the Hiking Log (pdf) and get started, today.

After completing all 84.2 miles (blazed Trail and connecting routes), certify your activity and pay for your patch!


Stay and Play in Antigo, an Ice Age Trail Community


The Ice Age Trail Community program is a symbiotic partnership between the Ice Age Trail Alliance and local Wisconsin communities. It aims to enhance awareness of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, improve the quality of life for residents and visitors, and promote the natural and cultural heritage of Wisconsin along the Ice Age Trail.

The county seat of the “County of Trails”, Antigo welcomes residents and visitors alike with a relaxing, stress-free atmosphere. Unwind in Antigo and enjoy shopping, history, great food, and all of the best recreational opportunities in the Northwoods of Wisconsin has to offer.

Be sure to start your visit in Antigo and the nearby Ice Age Trail segments with a stop to the Antigo-Langlade County Center in the heart of downtown Antigo (404 Superior St.), which is also the Langlade County Historical Society Museum. There you’ll learn about all things Antigo and Langlade County. Plan your stay here:


Trail Angel Shuttles: Please email and put “Shuttle Request,” for the subject. Please include the following information: Number of people, date and time that the shuttle is needed, the location and/or pin for the pick-up and drop-off points. See the chart below for a point of reference. Please consider providing a week’s notice. All of our shuttlers are local volunteers.

Another option for weekday shuttles is the Langlade County Transit. Phone number is 715-799-7062. Shuttles are available from them anywhere in Langlade County from 7 am to 4:30 pm. Fares are $9.00 one way. More info can be found here: Langlade County Public Transit (

Kettlebowl Segment Lumbercamp Segment
Kettlebowl Parking Area Lumbercamp Trailhead on Hwy 52
45.275609, -88.902363 45.275609, -88.902363
Sherry Road Parking lot Lumbercamp Parking area on Hwy A
45.182473, -88.911390 45.306289, -89.052087
Summit Moraine Segment Highland Lakes Segment
Summit Moraine Trailhead on Hwy A 45.351174, -89.175476
45.306289, -89.052087 Highland Lakes Townline Lake Parking
Summit Moraine Camp Susan 45.375806, -89.294922
45.351174, -89.175476
Parrish Hills Segment
Parrish Hills Trailhead at Townline Lake
45.375806, -89.294922
Parrish Hills Parking at Parrish Road and First Lake Road
45.433721, -89.425172
Connecting Route Segment – approximately 26 miles total. These are suggested routes to break it up.
1) Hike 1 – approximately 6.5 miles Park at Plover River Trailhead 5.050771, -89.223849 Shuttle to 45.102134, -89.158402, near the town of Rolling Building. Hike West back to your car, approximately 7 miles. Note: please park on the side roads such as Toft Road, with all tires off of the road. The Town of Rolling building is rented for events so the parking lot is often used.
2) Hike 2 – approximately 12.8 or the other half of the CR, start at the IATA Mueller Lake Parking lot here:
45.167933, -88.988426 Park here and get dropped off at 45.102134, -89.158402, near the town of Rolling Building. Hike E back to your car, approximately 7 miles
3) Hike 3 – approximately 6 miles, park at the IATA Mueller Lake Parking lot here:
45.167933, -88.988426
Shuttle to Sherry Road Parking lot 45.182473, -88.911390, hike to IATA Mueller Lake Parking lot

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