Marquette County Chapter

Members of our chapter focus on:

  • Maintaining the Ice Age Trail in Marquette County
  • Advocating for the Ice Age Trail corridor planning process
  • Building outdoor family traditions by planning a variety of Trail events
  • Supporting Ice Age Trail Alliance activities
  • Developing relationships with community organizations with interests in health, conservation and preservation

About the John Muir Park Segment of the Ice Age Trail

The Ice Age Trail segment that the Marquette County Chapter tends to is not only beautiful, but also exceptionally rich in history. The John Muir Park Segment winds through the boyhood home of John Muir, founder of the Sierra Club and often called the father of our national parks.

Ennis Lake (known to Muir and his family as Fountain Lake) and the surrounding prairies, meadows and woodlands of the John Muir Park Segment inspired a young John Muir to gain an appreciation and respect for nature.

We’ve created a John Muir Memorial Park guide [PDF] to help you enjoy your hike here.

“Muir”ander Marquette County

Explore the county that inspired John Muir, “Father of the National Parks,” and earn the “Muir”andering Marquette patch. Get started, today!

To learn about this and other hiking incentives, visit: Hiking Award Program.

Contact Us

For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in this region, contact the volunteer chapter coordinator.

Chapter Coordinator: Jeff Frazer,