Portage/Waupaca County Chapter

The Ice Age Trail crosses back and forth between Waupaca and Portage counties where the chapter maintains more than 23 miles of Ice Age Trail across six segments: New Hope, Iola Ski Hill, Skunk and Foster Lakes, Waupaca River, Hartman Creek, and Emmons Creek.

New Hope and Iola Ski Hill Segments

  • A combined 6.1 miles of trail through high-relief hummocky topography with a Northwoods character.
  • You will pass several unique sculptures and wind through the Iola Winter Sports Club
  • A 2023 Mobile Skills Crew event completed a reroute off of the ski trails and into the woods

Skunk and Foster Lakes Segment

  • 4.4 miles consisting of 3.6 miles IAT and 0.8 miles CR
  • Travels a horseshoe-shaped route in the Skunk and Foster Lakes State Natural Area (SNA)
  • Features a cluster of five undeveloped glacial pothole lakes
  • Crosses the Farmington Drumlin swarms, the most significant swarm of drumlins along the entire Ice Age Trail

Waupaca River

  • 4.9 miles consisting of 2.3 miles IAT and 2.6 miles CR
  • Highlights include a steep ridge and the scenic Waupaca River
  • A small trailside cabin built on private land by the Wisconsin Conservation Corps is available for hikers

Hartman Creek

  • 5.5 miles of trail passes through forested, hilly terrain of Hartman Creek State Park
  • Showcases one of the largest erratics on the Ice Age Trail
  • The trail also enters the Emmons Creek Barrens State Natural Area where there is a semi-open oak savanna and dense patches of wild lupine – the only known larval food for the federally endangered Karner Blue Butterfly

Emmons Creek

  • 2.6 miles of oak woodland and savanna areas in the Emmons Creek State Fishery Area
  • Accompanied by a white blazed Faraway Valley Loop
  • Upon arriving at the south end, you may explore a white-blazed lollipop loop for a total distance of 2.7 miles

Chapter volunteers promote the Trail segments by staffing numerous outreach events, Think Outside hikes, planning seasonal hikes, and hosting an annual fund-raising events.

Upcoming Events for 2024:

HIKING AWARD: DRUMLIN DRIFTERThe Hiking Award program patch of the Portage/Waupaca County Chapter.

  • Hike all the segments and connecting routes in Portage and Waupaca Counties
  • Complete the online hiking log and submit payment here
  • A downloadable form can be found here

Special notes for hikers:  Updated 2/10/23

The new re-route of the Iola/Hope Ski trail complete.   We’re no longer on the ski-trails.  The new trail meanders up and down beautiful humacky terrain and includes a 240′ boardwalk over-looking a beautiful kettle lake.  Enjoy new stone steps, rock-walls and other interesting features along the trail.  Entrance to the new trail is just west of the Iola Ski Chalet kiosk about 60 feet.

  • Temporary Trail Closure(s)
    • The Emmons Creek Segment yellow-blazed trail is closed south of Stratton Lake Rd. due to logging operations.  To get to 2nd Avenue from Stratton Lake Road, use the white-blazed Faraway Valley Loop trail.

We have additional segment maps available that also have mileages:

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