Good News!

GOOD NEWS! They voted YES!!

The U.S. House of Representatives voted to approve the S .47 Natural Resources Management Act, in a bipartisan vote, 363-62.

This vote built on the U.S. Senate’s vote to pass a permanent Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). This completes the bill’s journey through Congress!

The bill now goes to the White House, where we hope President Trump will sign into law the Natural Resources Management Act, the public lands package that includes LWCF.

Your PHONE CALLS and EMAILS in support of this groundbreaking public lands legislation helped make this happen!

Thank you again for helping us reach this significant moment.

Please take time to thank members of Congress who voted for the bill.

In Wisconsin, your U.S. House Representatives who voted YES are:

1st District, Steil, Bryan, R, (202) 225-3031
2nd District, Pocan, Mark, D, (202) 225-2906
3rd District, Kind, Ron, D, (202) 225-5506
4th District, Moore, Gwen, D, (202) 225-4572
6th District, Grothman, Glenn, R, (202) 225-2476
8th District, Gallagher, Mike, R, (202) 225-5665

Here’s a comprehensive view of the vote.

We’re so very close to the bill becoming law.

We hope we’ll soon be celebrating!

Your efforts on behalf of the Trail made a BIG difference. However, we will need your support in the near future. One loose end remains when it comes to funding for the LWCF. While Congress permanently reauthorized the expired Land and Water Conservation Fund, they did not fully fund it.

We will still need to request full and dedicated funding, but this is a huge step forward. LWCF is an important tool for the Ice Age Trail Alliance — and permanent reauthorization will finally end the need to regularly renew such an important funding source for land purchases.

What is the LWCF?

LWCF is America’s most important tool for meeting conservation and recreation needs, from iconic national parks and wildlife refuges, to neighborhood playgrounds and recreation facilities.
Significant amounts of Ice Age National Scenic Trail corridor has been purchased with money from the LWCF.

LWCF does all this without using any taxpayer dollars – it is funded with revenues paid to the government from offshore oil and gas drilling.