Hiker Services

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Hikers benefit immensely from the amenities of a Trail Community. Photo by John Painter

Hikers traveling through quickly, in a thru-hike capacity, can certainly attend to any emergent need with resources right here in our community.

For the thru-hiker looking for provisions we offer two grocers and two pharmacies within a quarter mile walk from the trail. A hardware store is located nearby as well.  Also, two of our four service stations/quick marts are in close proximity to the trail.

Thru-Hiker Resources:

Fox Brothers Piggy Wiggly: A full-service grocery store with in-store bakery, deli, specialty meats, wine, liquor, beer, video rentals, and fax service.

Health and Happiness Natural Foods: Organic fruits and veggies and plenty of supplements


Auora Pharmacy


Hardware store

Wellness Services: chiropractic care, yoga, massages, etc.

Medical-Related Services:  alternative medicine, chiropractic care, social work & counseling, etc.

Personal Care services: dental, pharmacies, chiropractic care, physical therapy, etc.

Hartland Public Library: get connected via email, update your blog, download an e-book.