Hiking Awards & Programs

A fun way to experience the Ice Age Trail is to participate in our chapters’ hiking award programs or our ColdCache program. If you complete the already-rewarding challenge of hiking the entire Trail, you can also submit an application and join the ranks of official Ice Age Trail Thousand-Milers.

Chapter Hiking Award Programs

Traprock Trekker. Superior Lobetrotter. Hall-of-Kamer. These are just a few of the awards you can earn when you complete all of the Trail miles within a chapter’s geographic area. Visit the chapter pages below to learn more about each award program.

ColdCache Program

ColdCaching, a form of geocaching, is a fun way to learn about the glacial and other natural features along the Ice Age Trail. Learn more about ColdCaching.

Thousand-Miler Recognition

Do you plan on hiking the entire Ice Age Trail? Become a Thousand-Miler so we may honor your feat — and your feet! Visit our Thousand-Miler Recognition page for all the details.