Hunting Season and Hiking the Ice Age Trail

A woman and her dog wear blaze orange on the Ice Age Trail in fall.

Photo by Paulette Walker Smith

There can be a lot of details to navigate when you hike the Ice Age Trail in Wisconsin’s fall and winter seasons: hunting season dates, trail closures on private property, and public lands where the Trail is open and hunting is also allowed.

Visit our Hunting Seasons and the Ice Age Trail page to get a full breakdown of all the things to consider. Here are the main things you’ll want to remember:

  • WEAR BLAZE ORANGE or other bright colors. This applies to you and your pet. We consider October through April as Blaze Orange Season on the Trail.
  • Visit the Hiker Resources page on our website, scroll down to the middle and under More Resources to Explore, you can download a list of segments (Excel spreadsheet) closed or partially closed during hunting season.
  • THE TRAIL CLOSES IN SOME AREAS WHERE IT CROSSES PRIVATE PROPERTY. Many of our volunteer chapter coordinators know the parts of the Trail that close in their region; contact the coordinator in the area you want to hike to find out about Trail closures. Sections that close should also have on-the-ground signage announcing the details of the closure.
  • THE 9-DAY GUN DEER SEASON is from November 21–November 29, 2020. This is the most popular season and the time you’re most likely to see your hiking options limited.
  • The Hunting Season Schedule is available from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. See this listing too.