Corporate Friends

Photo Credit: Katie Weber

In addition to the critical support we receive from our members, volunteers and partners, we also benefit greatly from the support of businesses.

We thank the businesses listed below for their generous contributions to the Ice Age Trail Alliance. From monetary and in-kind donations to pro-bono work, these businesses provide critical support to the Alliance. We are proud to count them as friends of the Ice Age Trail.

Glacial Level $25k – $50k

Like the last glacial event that the Ice Age Trail interprets, our Glacial Sponsors are critical to the Alliance’s work.

Bedrock $15k – $25k

A Trail without a solid foundation doesn’t last long. Bedrock sponsors help ensure the Alliance will keep the Trail on solid ground.

Esker $10k – $15k

Eskers wind through the landscape connecting ecosystems. Esker level sponsors also help connect people and places along the Ice Age Trail.

Moraine $5k – $10k

Moraines appear where the last glacial advance created ridges of solid rock through tremendous force. Moraine level sponsors are also a force for improving the Ice Age Trail.

Drumlin $2,500 – $5k

Like the teardropped hills found in swarms, Drumlin level donors create a noticeably positive impact on the Trail and for volunteers that help care for the landscape.

Kame $1,500 – $2,500

Kames were created when streams flowed downward through shafts in glacial ice creating conical hills. Dotting the landscape, they create a sense of wonder. Our Kame level sponsors continue to make these spaces and experiences possible through their generous support.

Business Memberships

Support the mission of the Ice Age Trail Alliance while promoting your business to thousands of Ice Age Trail enthusiasts.

Become a Business Member, today. Select your membership level and make a donation.

Our Trail Ambassadors ($999 to &1,499) are integral to the successful partnerships with our Ice Age Trail Communities.

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Fleet Feet Corporate Partner
Ice Age Trail Alliance, Homelight, Corporate Partner
Ice Age Trail Alliance, Inland Seas Woodcraft corporate partner
Lodi Sausage Company is located in the Trail Community of Lodi, WI where they make great sausage that begin with quality lean meats and award winning recipes.
Northwoods Wilderness Therapy is a mental health treatment option for adolescents struggling with depression, anxiety, and childhood trauma.
Ice Age Trail Alliance, corporate partner, UW Credit Union