As a donor or supporter, you are critical to the mission of the Ice Age Trail Alliance. You are investing in the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. We share information about our activities and finances, so you can feel confident about your tax-deductible donation.

IRS Form 990

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, we annually file a Form 990 with the IRS detailing information about the IATA’s finances and activities.

2017 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2016 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2015 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2014 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2013 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2012 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

2011 IATA Form 990 [PDF]

Audited Financial Statements

The Ice Age Trail Alliance contracts with an independent auditor every year. Read our latest reports.

2017 IATA Audited Financial Report [PDF]

2016 IATA Audited Financial Report [PDF]

2015 IATA Audited Financial Report [PDF]

2014 IATA Audited Financial Report [PDF]