Joanne Ellarson

Administrative Assistant

Joanne is responsible for Alliance financial recordkeeping, preparation/ processing accounts payable and receivable, maintenance of files, compiling reports for staff, data entry and other clerical/administrative duties that may become available.

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Administrative Assistant, Ice Age Trail AllianceJo has been with the Ice Age Trail Alliance since 2009, initially part-time and soon transitioning to full-time. Jo answers phones, assists walk-in guests, ships merchandise, keeps inventories, performs data entry, pays bills, works with office volunteers and performs many other duties essential to the smooth running of the Alliance office and programs.

She enjoys spending time maintaining the landscape around the IATA building, having created a thriving native prairie as a welcoming feature. Visitors to the IATA office might catch Jo up on a ladder with needle and thread — the job of sewing leaves and acorns on the beautiful Giving Tree fall to her as well.

Jo’s support of the Trail is evident in the hours she spends maintaining the Trail as part of volunteer crews during Mobile Skills weekends. While she can handily paint blazes and nail boards into place, she’s chain saw certified, too.

Prior to joining IATA she had an upholstery business for 20 years. Sewing and working with tools of all sorts has always been a passion. Photography also fills a creative niche in her life and Jo happily shares her photos with the IATA.

She has 2 adult sons who are both interested in restoration work and preserving the land for future generations to enjoy. She’s been involved in prairie restoration in some form or another for the past 28 years.