Just for Kids

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Ice Age Trail Community, Hartland Trail Community, Village of Hartland

The Ice Age Trail winds through public parks like this one where kids also ride their bikes and are distracted by the abundance of mulberries. Photo by Miranda Weston, The Art of Life photography.

Make memories with your children by hiking the Hartland Segment of the Ice Age Trail. This segment is ideal for hikers who want to hike with their children. The trail isn’t too steep nor too hard for youth to navigate.

One particular portion of the trail that children quickly grow to love is Nixon Park. The Ice Age Trail takes hikers along the Nixon Pond, home of the Annual Fishing Clinic for Kids. It also hosts plenty of turtles and crayfish and a variety of aquatic creatures.

Hartland Trail Community, Ice Age Trail Alliance, Ice Age National Scenic Trail

A young hiker spends time thoughtfully reflecting along the Bark River. Photo by Jon Jones.

Love to fish? Don’t forget your rod! Nixon Park is also the home of the only Splash Pad in Waukesha County.

Plan to take a break at Nixon Park and make memories with your family. Have lunch under the shelters as the kids cool their feet off in the Splash Pad or play on the playground.

Nixon Park is also the location of Hartland Kids’ Day, held every year the last Wednesday in July. Nixon Park isn’t the only child friendly gem in Hartland. Hartland is the home of the Hartland Public Library, the Family Movie Series, and Hartland Business Trick or Treat in October just to name a few!


Map of Hartland Parks and Trails.