Luke Kloberdanz

Director of Outreach and Education

Luke is responsible for promoting the Ice Age Trail and the Ice Age Trail Alliance by utilizing the Ice Age Trail as a vector to promote the mission of the Alliance.

Luke’s involvement with the Ice Age Trail Alliance started with a volunteer chapter workday in 2001. This first experience of giving back to the Trail and working with passionate volunteers planted the seed for continued involvement with all things Ice Age Trail related. Luke’s early volunteer experiences include helping form the Alliance’s Lodi Valley Chapter; taking part in the initial Mobile Skills Crew training in 2002; thru-hiking the Trail in 2003; and serving in multiple volunteer capacities both on and off trail.

In 2013, joined the Alliance staff full-time as Outreach & Education Manager (and now, recent promotion to Director). Luke decided to utilize his considerable skills as a teacher towards getting kids out of the four walls of the classroom and into an experiential experience with nature. Luke’s core duties rest with Saunters, Ice Age Trail Communities and philanthropy. Saunters is the Alliance’s primary youth engagement program that helps over 1,000 youth experience the Trail as a medium for learning and personal well-being. Luke also oversees the Ice Age Trail Community program, designed to make the Trail an integral part of communities across the state. Finally, Luke is actively engaged with all components of the Alliance’s fundraising efforts, ranging from grant writing to hosting events.

Luke graduated with a BA in elementary education from the University of Northern Iowa and a MS in educational psychology from UW-Madison. He lives in Lodi with his wife Letha, sons Gus and Wynn, and a small flock of chickens.

Favorite Ice Age Trail Segment: