Lysianne Unruh

Communications Manager

Lysianne promotes the Ice Age Trail and Ice Age Trail Alliance to a wide audience through website, print media, and social media platforms.


Lysianne joined the Alliance staff in 2016. As a long-distance runner and avid hiker, she’s captivated by the idea of a thousand-mile footpath meandering through Wisconsin, ready for play and rejuvenation.

She was introduced to the Trail while on a 10-mile hike along the Devil’s Lake Segment. Like most Ice Age Trail enthusiasts, she immediately fell in love. Lysianne delights in the mystery beyond the next curve, the rewarding view at the top of a steep climb, and the wood’s restorative quiet.

Lysianne’s pleased to help craft the message for and about the Trail. Her role includes:

  • Planning and production of Mammoth Tales.
  • Creation of electronic newsletters.
  • Management of the Alliance’s website and social media platforms.

She’s also a member of the team dedicated to updating the Alliance’s hiker resources, the Ice Age Trail Guidebook, Atlas, and Databook. 

Outside the office, she bikes the back roads of Wisconsin, pretends to garden, and traipses across hiking-friendly countries like Ireland or Argentina.

Favorite Ice Age Trail Segment: whichever one she just ran with her favorite guy, Jason.  However, the Tisch Mills Segment also ranks high. After a long day of field editing for the 2017 guidebook, it turned into a perfect evening for a run as the sky first turned raspberry and then orange. This pretty little segment meanders along a pasture, a glittering creek, and through a short section of woods.