No Sense of Direction?

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Mammoth Tracks App

Do you lack a reliable sense of direction? 

It can be a seriously annoying trait when you’re driving, trying to get somewhere on time. It can induce a panicky feeling when you are out in the woods and there’s only a few hours of daylight left to locate a camp site and pitch your tent.

If you can relate to the cartoon above, then hopefully, you and Siri, are good friends by now and she’s helped you navigate, turn-by-turn, to your various destinations.

The Ice Age Trail Alliance has you covered while you are out and about on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail with our new app, Mammoth Tracks.Mammoth Tracks is the official app for the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. It is a GPS and map-based guide to enhance your Ice Age Trail hiking experience.

Whether you’re backpacking, or in search of IATA’s ColdCaches, this app will help you plan your trip and check your location on the trail. Available for Apple and Android devices alike, Mammoth Tracks is designed to work with ‘offline’ maps. No mobile or internet service is required to use it after the initial setup.

This digital tool will not only guide you and keep you on the Trail, it will also provide important waypoints including parking, camping, water resources, ColdCache sites, and many other opportunities for enjoying the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

Download the appropriate version here:

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Mammoth Tracks App Apple version


Ice Age National Scenic Trail Mammoth Tracks App Android version




Note:  If you like the cartoon, check out more funny stuff like it at She’s got a great sense of humor and generously let us use her comic strip for this article.