Mobile Skills Crew events and Gaylord Nelson’s Vision

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Ice Age National Scenic Trail,

Volunteers building a new portion of the Ringle segment of the Ice Age Trail in Marathon County. Photo by Cameron Gillie.

Everywhere I go in this nation to speak on conservation I find many people asking what they can do to make a concrete contribution to the cause.

Their energy, spirit and dedication could very well find a most useful and satisfying outlet in working on trails that will be part of the Nationwide System of Trails.

Volunteer workers of many sorts…would all be eager to help…

Maintenance of a hiking trail system would generate tremendous support and enthusiasm at the grass roots. I have no doubt that local groups would quickly volunteer to maintain their section of the trail just as local volunteer clubs maintain their sections of the Appalachian Trail and take great pride in it. I can think of no way to secure broader public participation in resource education and preservation, no way to provide a more fruitful opportunity for old and young alike, to make a useful and satisfying contribution to the public welfare.”

~ Gaylord Nelson, from his statement in support of the Nationwide System of Trails [download PDF]