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Mobile Skills Crew Program

Members of our Mobile Skills Crew (MSC) are volunteers trained in advanced trail construction and crew leadership techniques. These are the folks who lead smaller-scale trail building projects at locations along the Trail. It’s all about adding more miles on the ground, and you can be a part of it – even if you’ve never built trail before!

What to expect at
an MSC event

Come ready to learn and have a great time. At Mobile Skills Crew events, volunteers certified in crew leadership teach fellow volunteers construction and maintenance techniques. Each project is tailored to the needs for the Trail segment, so you might be building new Trail one day, and upgrading signage the next.

You don’t need any previous experience to participate in an MSC event. Our certified volunteers will teach you all you need to know. In addition to working on the trail itself, we also need volunteers to help with food preparation, community outreach, publicity, entertainment, and administration. There’s a way for everyone to lend a hand.

“It’s some of the hardest, most fun, and rewarding work I’ve ever done. We all seem to have a common bond when it comes to building trail and protecting our natural resources. Volunteering for the MSC projects has taken me to areas of the state I probably would not even know about, let alone ever see.”

Rachel Roberts “Fluff Tater”

Trailbuilding Awards

This award is given to member volunteers who display a willingness to roll up their sleeves on behalf of the Ice Age Trail and a dedication to our organization’s mission. They consistently show up at workdays, dive into the dirty work and make significant efforts to establish the Ice Age Trail.

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Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Ice Age Trail Alliance, Trail Steward of the Year, Jerry Pfeifer, Gerald Pfeifer

Gerald “Jerry” Pfeifer

Read about our 2022 winner here.⇒

Trail Steward of the year

This award recognizes volunteers whose work, in any phase of Trail management, contributes in an extraordinary manner to the development of new trail, land improvements or facilities through such activities as: trail planning, landowner and/or partner relations, trail layout and design, trail construction, trail maintenance, and stewardship work.

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New Crew Leaders of 2019!

Congratulations! Welcome to the team!

New Crew Leader In Good Standing Award

This Award recognizes any person who meets “Crew Leader in Good Standing” requirements. Crew leaders who meet and maintain “in Good Standing” requirements must demonstrate advanced leadership qualities, safe working practices, effectively lead volunteer crews on or off trail, maintain skill-based certifications, and serve in a Project Team role at one or more Mobile Skills Crew events within a 15-month time frame.