Spirit Stick Award Recipients

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Ice Age Trail Alliance, Force of Nature, REI, Corporate Partner,

Sharon Dziengel, the previous year’s awardee, graciously passes the Spirit Stick to 2014 recipient Bill Welch. Photo by Joanne Ellarson.

Recipients of this award exhibit a passion for the Trail that has become a way of life. They lead by example, inspire those around them, and carry out their service with a spirit of optimism, cooperation and enthusiasm.


2022: Debbie Krogwold
2021: David Lonsdorf
2020: Richard Smith
2019: Buzz Meyer
2018: Dolly McNulty
2017: Pat Witkowski
2016: Dean Paynter
2015: Russ Helwig
2014: Bill Welch
2013: Sharon Dziengel
2012: Craig Sanford
2011: Luke Kloberdanz
2010: Gary Klatt
2009: Bess & Bernie Alberg
2008: Dean Dversdall
2007: David Phillips
2006: Ken Neitzke
2005: Joe Jopek
2004: Nancy Lazzaroni
2002: Butch Siegel
2001: Bill “Kangaroo” Knickrehm
2000: Gary Werner