Pat Witkowski 2017 Spirit Stick Award Winner

Ice Age Trail Alliance, Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Annual Conference, Spirit Stick Award

Pat Witkowski: Trail blazer and Trail maintainer, contagious personality and zeal, leader of the Monday Mudders, Blazin’ Babes, and more…

At the Alliance’s awards ceremony, executive director Mike Wollmer summarized Pat’s remarkable contributions with the following words:

Walking stick“This past year was a tough call. A number of strong nominations generated a lot of discussion. When the dust settled, we had a formidable recipient.

Pat Witkowski serves the Waukesha/Milwaukee Chapter as their Trail Maintenance Coordinator. Her contagious personality and zeal for the Trail has garnered an ever increasing number of volunteers who keep the Trail, in her chapter, as some of the best around.

No one I know of can turn a regular, off-the-street, unassuming bystander into a volunteer quicker than Pat. Before you can say “Witkowski” she has a tool, paintbrush or pick in their hands!

She engages folks with FUN…..she assembled the Chainsaw Crew and Mowing Crew. She established the Monday Mudders and the infamous Blazin’ Babes! Recognizing the quality of their work, the Blazin’ Babes have been invited to work all over the state by other eager chapters.

She’s a familiar face at the majority of the Alliance’s local, statewide and special events all year long. She’s a Thousand Miler, a local TV star, diplomat extraordinaire, a magnificent ambassador to an increasingly diverse audience and holds the record for being the dirtiest, muddiest, filthiest volunteer you’ll ever meet.

Watch out for the Pat-Attack! She’s contagious.”


Pat Witkowski: 2017 Spirit Stick award recipient. Photo By Adam Smith Photography, Chippewa Falls, WI