~ Geology of the Ice Age Trail



The Ice Age National Scenic Trail meanders across the state of Wisconsin through scenic glacial terrain dotted with lakes, steep hills, and long, narrow ridges. David M. Mickelson, Louis J. Maher Jr., and Susan L. Simpson bring this landscape to life in Geology of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail and help readers understand what Ice Age Wisconsin was like. An overview of Wisconsin’s geology and key geological concepts helps readers understand geological processes, materials, and landforms. The authors detail geological features along each segment of the Ice Age Trail and at each of the nine National Ice Age Scientific Reserve sites.

Readers can experience the Ice Age Trail through more than 100 full-color photographs, scores of beautiful maps, and helpful diagrams. Science briefs explain glacial features such as eskers, drumlins, and moraines. The book also includes detailed trail descriptions that are cross referenced with the science briefs to make it easy to find the geological terms used in the trail descriptions. Whatever your level of experience with hiking or knowledge of glaciers, this book will provide lively, informative, and revealing descriptions for a new understanding of the shape of the land beneath our feet.

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Published by University of Wisconsin Press.

NOTE: This book has a wealth of information about the Ice Age Trail but is not intended to be used as a guide for trail navigation; it is intended to be used with the Ice Age Trail Atlas and Ice Age Trail Guidebook rather than in place of them.

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