Protect Langlade’s Glacial Landscape!

Some of the most geologically significant land on earth exists right here in Wisconsin; Langlade County to be exact.

It’s an area where moraines once collided, resulting in amazing glaciation and hummocky terrain. It would be a hiker’s dream to traverse. But right now, the Ice Age National Scenic Trail currently runs along roads. With your help, this will change.

Protect, Create, Expand: Give

Help the Ice Age Trail Alliance raise $120,000 — a 1:1 challenge match offered by Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Trust — before September 30 to permanently protect property in Langlade County.

Your donation will help:

Establish a preserve
Create a dispersed camping area
Expand the hiking trail and break up the road walk

Thanks to the generosity of Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Trust, the Ice Age Trail Alliance permanently protected properties throughout the state this year. Now, Prairie Springs has given us an opportunity to protect additional property. But, we can only do it with your help.

Double Your Impact

Every dollar you donate by September 30 will be matched (up to $120,000) by Prairie Springs: The Paul Fleckenstein Trust.

Donate Now!

Your donation is tax-deductible.

And remember: it will be doubled!

$100=$200     $250=$500     $500=$1,000

Any amount is appreciated.