Thousand-Miler Recognition

Thousand-Milers are those who have achieved the impressive and fulfilling accomplishment of covering the entire Ice Age National Scenic Trail on foot. We recognize those who have hiked the whole Trail and can have their accomplishment verified.

Ground Rules to Achieve Thousand-Miler Status

  • Hiking the entire Ice Age Trail route is necessary to qualify. This includes all established yellow-blazed Ice Age Trail segments and the unmarked connecting routes that link blazed segments.
  • The only exception to the above is the bifurcation, or loop, in the central portion of the Ice Age Trail. Hiking both sides is not required. Aspiring Thousand-Milers may choose either side of the bifurcation.
  • The Ice Age National Scenic Trail is intended primarily as a footpath. Hikers must cover the entire route on foot via hiking, snowshoeing or cross-country skiing. Other methods (biking the connecting routes, for example) are not permitted for Thousand-Miler recognition.
  • Factors of sequence, direction, speed, length of time or whether you carry a pack or not don’t affect eligibility for Thousand-Miler status.

Our policy is to operate largely on the honor system. Please respect these standards; we rely on them to be able to recognize the true achievements of Thousand-Milers.

Become Recognized as a Thousand-Miler

If you cover the entire Ice Age Trail, fill out a Thousand-Miler application and we will:

  • Recognize you at our Annual Membership Conference
  • Present you with a Thousand-Miler certificate and patch
  • Recognize you in Mammoth Tales, our member newsletter
  • Add your name to the official database of Ice Age Trail Thousand-Milers

If you’re ready to document your trip for our records, fill out and submit the Thousand-Miler Application [MS Word].