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A one-of-a-kind boardwalk leads you into town where you can explore the one-of-a-kind shops lining Hartland’s pedestrian-friendly downtown. Photo by Miranda Weston, The Art of Life photography

A morning hike, a pleasant lunch, followed by a stroll along the walkable, pedestrian-friendly downtown may just describe your perfect day. For those whose definition of exploring also includes hunting down those one-of-a-kind finds discovered in unique, locally-owned stores, Hartland has many gift shops and specialty stores.

The Hartland area is well-served with a charming downtown shopping district. Along the walkable streets of Hartland, the pedestrian friendly downtown is home to many restaurants, retail, professional, and service businesses. Hartland also benefits from the presence of the Hartbrook Mall, Merton Plaza, and Cottonwood Plaza with their unique shops offering variety and convenience.

Hartland has a long history of being an area of commerce for local farmers and the surrounding lake recreation communities. It once featured an array of small shops: the local grocer, butcher, baker, haberdashery, farm implements, and Jackson’s department store.

Now, like many smaller communities, Hartland has evolved to meeting the needs of the local suburbanite, while not losing the quaintness of the past. Hartland continues to be a hub in the Lake Country with a complete line of services ranging from financial, banking, accounting, and insurance to medical, dental, chiropractic, and optometry. It also offers an array of personal care services from hairstylists to wellness and well-being professionals.

For the thru-hiker looking for provisions we offer two grocers and two pharmacies within a quarter mile walk from the trail. A hardware store is located nearby as well. Also, two of our four service stations/quick marts are in close proximity to the trail.

So, whatever your needs or schedule, visit Hartland’s shops before, during, or after you enjoy our trail segment.

For a complete listing of area shops and services, please visit the Hartland Business Improvement District or the Hartland Chamber of Commerce pages.