It’s not Complex: It’s the Glacial Passage Area

The Cross Plains Complex gets a new name in honor of the area’s glacial significance: Glacial Passage Area.

A group of seven people holding a sign that reads "Glacial Passage Area".
On June 1, National Trails Day®, the new name for what was previously known as the Cross Plains Complex, was unveiled: Glacial Passage Area. Photo by Billy Flynn.
Just outside of Cross Plains lies an area of such glacial significance that it has been identified as a Scientific Reserve Unit; one of nine such designated places in the state (and country).

This particular Scientific Reserve Unit sits on the border of glaciated and unglaciated terrain and contains glacial landforms, including a gorge carved by glacial meltwater. What’s especially interesting is that the Reserve Unit includes property owned by the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, Dane County, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The one thing that connects these properties (or will eventually connect them) is the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

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