The Thousand-Miler Smile!

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The happy, thousand-watt smiles of brand new Thousand-Milers fill the Alliance headquarters.      Photo by Jo Ellarson.

Lynn Williamson and Patrice Nicolet recently completed their thousand-mile journey on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. Laughing, they remarked, “We’re still friends, too!” Williamson and Nicolet became Thousand-Milers by section hiking the Ice Age Trail. The Thousand-Miler Map and Checklist helped them plan and document their progress as they hiked the Trail in bits and pieces over a period of years.

You too can get started on your very own adventure, solo, or with a friend, or an entire passel of people. Winter is a great time to cozy up to a warm fire and to plan your hike. Will you hike it a segment (or two) or connecting route (or more) at a time? Will you choose to hike the entire Trail in one continuous, multi-day effort? The decision is yours.

Here’s the Section and Thru-Hiking page with some information to get you started.

Here is the list of Hiker Resources. Play with the interactive map. Fuel your dream of walking along shady forest trails, pine needles cushioning your feet, or across sunny meadows where butterflies delicately hover above stately asters. Purchase the Guidebook and/or Atlas. Settle in and page through them, acquiring but a taste of the Trail and the promise it holds.

By all means, give the Alliance office a call (608-798-4453), we’re happy to answer questions and point you towards more information.

See you on the Trail!