High Water & Detour at Picnic Lake in Chippewa County

Water level at Picnic Lake is extremely high and is covering the trail in several places. There are wet areas, flooded areas, and a short detour. You probably won’t avoid getting your feet wet, and will have to scramble on a steep hill to avoid some water. Do not attempt this hike if you are not prepared for these conditions.

Area Marked TRAIL UNDER WATER: This is a short area but is ANKLE DEEP. You can avoid it by bushwacking on the hillside, but it is very steep. You can also attempt to walk just above the waters edge and may succeed for much of the route.

Area marked DETOUR ROUTE: Westbound, follow a trail up the hill to a cross trail, turn right and follow this trail to a fresh ATV trail crosses it. Turn right, and at the bottom of the hill turn right again toward the boats and turn left onto the IAT at the lake.
Eastbound, turn right at the boats to the first cross trail, turn left and walk up the hill a short distance to an old trail and turn left. Follow it to some fencing on the left side of the trail where a steep trail takes you down to the water, and then turn right onto the IAT at the lake.