Trail Expeditions: Journeys of Imagination and Discovery

If …

The great outdoors is your playground,

Walking through forests and across open prairies recharges your spirit, and

Your mind is exhilarated by learning something new about the world around you,


Trail Expeditions along the Ice Age National Scenic Trail are for you!

Ice Age National Scenic Trail Ice Age Alliance Trail Expeditions

A board walk winds through the woods along the Straight Lake Segment.
Photo Credit: R. Propp

The Trail provides a vibrant environment for living workshops where you can intricately explore the history and geology of a unique Wisconsin feature and deepen your present-day connection to it.

Trail Expeditions are adventures for renewing imagination and rekindling a spirit of discovery. Surround yourself in the grand beauty and restorative elements of nature. Relax, unwind, and interact with other curious-minded folks who bring a sense of wonder to their rambles in the great outdoors.

This year’s Trail Expedition features a “Journey Through Glacial Time” with private tours exploring the fascinating terrain of the northern Kettle Moraine Forest.

A Journey Through Glacial Time