Trailtessa Retreats

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Explore the rugged beauty of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail. It’s about getting outdoors and tasting delicious freedom. It’s time to tell your to-do list where to go. You know the one – it keeps you superwoman busy and preoccupied. It’s the socially acceptable  list of expectations requiring you to be beautiful, sexy, nice, smart, calm, organized, and the list goes on. Yeah, forget about that list.

Re-discover YOU with plenty of permission to be. BE YOU: Bold. Audacious. Strong. Adventurous. You get to choose to be any way you want to BE.

Choose from a series of events, come to one or come to all, along stunning segments of the Ice Age Trail.

Trailtessa Retreats began in 2017 with support from REI’s Force of Nature initiative, a comprehensive effort to advance gender equity in the outdoors encouraging millions of its members to embrace the outdoors as “the world’s largest level playing field.”

*Trailtessa [treyl-tes-sah], noun: a woman or girl who gets out on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail to experience adventure, freedom and a new way to be.