Baraboo Hills/Heritage Chapter

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Baraboo Hills Heritage Chapter

Youngsters hike the Ice Age National Scenic Trail as it travels along the newly restored Portage Canal boardwalk.

Our chapter maintains the Ice Age National Scenic Trail as it travels through beautiful Devil’s Lake State Park and south to the Merrimac Ferry.

We also maintain the Ice Age Trail along the historic Portage Canal which follows the path French explorers and fur trappers Marquette and Joliet walked as they portaged their canoes. Our chapter also plays host to the southern beginning of the bifurcation of the Ice Age Trail.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Baraboo Hills Heritage Chapter

Members of the Baraboo Hills Heritage Chapter trail maintenance crew circle up before a morning behind the mower.

Trail Maintenance, Activities, and Shuttles

Trail Maintenance: We welcome anyone who would like to help keep the Ice Age Trail up to quality hiking standards. Trail maintenance tasks include clearing brush and invasive plants, mowing, and updating signage. We welcome help as often as you’d like to join us.

Community relations: We aim to keep our trail maintenance efforts, guided hikes, and successes front and center in the hearts and minds of area trail and outdoor enthusiasts. If you have a knack for writing (articles, press releases, event descriptions) we’d love to have you join our volunteer team!

Socials: Our chapter enjoys gathering for informal, camaraderie building festivities. If your specialty is bringing people together for picnics, grill outs, or hikes, then we’d be delighted if you joined our volunteer team.

Quarterly meetings: Chapter meetings occur quarterly, usually in Baraboo and are the best way for chapter members to stay informed about Ice Age Trail-related activities in our area and to connect with other Trail enthusiasts.

See the Events Calendar on the Ice Age Trail Alliance website for meeting details.

Shuttles: Chapter members offer shuttles to hikers on the trail in our area.  Contact our chapter coordinators, Scot Harvey or Debby Capener, (see below) for details and to arrange the rides.

Connect with Us

You may find us and Like and Follow us on Facebook – it’s a great way to know what’s going on in our chapter and on the Trail segments we manage.

Check the Events Calendar on the Ice Age Trail Alliance website for listings of hikes or other chapter events.

Ice Age National Scenic Trail, Baraboo Hills Heritage Chapter

A local Boy Scout Troop joined forces with the chapter members for a service project along the Ice Age Trail.

Glacial Drifters Hiking Award Program

We’ve partnered with the Lodi Valley Chapter to offer the Glacial Drifters Hiking Award program. Participants in the program earn a patch for hiking the entire Ice Age Trail as it winds its way through Sauk County and southern Columbia County, for a total of about 50 miles. Registered participants will receive maps and information on the various segments, along with a hiking log.

Download the Glacial Drifters Hiking Award program brochure [PDF] and get started today! You may also contact Patti Herman (billpatti[at sign]charter[dot]net or 608-592-5666).

Contact Us:

Debby Capener: Volunteer Chapter Coordinator (debbycapener[at sign]gmail[dot]com or 262-930-9713) or [email protected]