Langlade County Chapter

The Langlade County Chapter has been actively involved with the Ice Age Trail since 1973. Activities include chapter hikes, community outreach and trail maintenance. Segment stewards are responsible for specific sections of the 50 plus miles of trail in the county. About 2/3 of the trail traverses public lands owned and administered by the county and state. Updated information for hike planning and current trail conditions is available from the coordinator or included below.

(Above photo of a fall adorned Moraine-Outwash Preserve owned by the Ice Age Trail Alliance in the Town of Antigo, Langlade County. Just one short stretch of the approximate 44 miles of terminal or end moraine in the “The County of Trails”. Photo taken October 6, 2017.)

Langlade County Chapter 40th Anniversary Patch

Next year the chapter will be observing 45 years of Ice Age Trail activity in Langlade County. While in the fourth decade of trail activity here the chapter’s special 40th Anniversary Hiker patches are still available (while supplies last) to aspiring Thousand-Milers who have passed through Langlade County, as well as hikers making 2 of the 3 chapter hikes in 2018. Contact the chapter coordinator for more details on the 2018 hikes or patches.

Chapter Newsletter

You can stay up to date with chapter news by reading the latest issue of our chapter newsletter, Erratic 9-17

Contact Us

For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in Langlade County, contact the chapter’s coordinator: Joe Jopek, 622 First Avenue, Antigo, WI 54409 call 715-623-2645 or e-mail

For most current trail conditions and hiker information on all Langlade County segments of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail go to LANGLADE COUNTY ICE AGE NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL CONDITIONS 9-7-17 or LANGLADE COUNTY ICE AGE NATIONAL SCENIC TRAIL USER INFORMATION 9-7-17

Scenes from the chapter’s October and April 2016 hikes

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