Langlade County Chapter


Trail Conditions and User Information 


All segments in the county are open but vary in conditions. Hikers are encouraged to use social spacing and facemasks if and when encountering others on the trail.

*Kettlebowl Segment: Closed 9-27-21 due to logging on private land and parking update.

*Lumbercamp Segment: Logging and mowing update.

*Summit Moraine Segment: Logging update, parking update, Game Lake trail options.

*Highland Lakes Segment: Missing town road signage on Forest Road connecting route.

*Parrish Hills Segment: Renewed beaver activity, a river ford, and camping option.

About the Chapter

The Langlade County Chapter has been actively involved with the Ice Age Trail since 1973. Activities include chapter hikes, community outreach and trail maintenance. Due to the pandemic, chapter hikes and participation in community events have been cancelled until further notice.

Segment stewards are responsible for specific sections of the 50 plus miles of trail in the county. About 2/3 of the trail passes over public lands owned and administered by the county and state. Anyone wishing to get involved in the local trail maintenance effort as a segment steward or other volunteer activities, please contact the chapter.

Chapter Newsletter and Facebook

You can stay up to date by reading the latest issue of our chapter newsletter, THE LANGLADE ERRATIC 9-2021 or check our Facebook page at

Contact Us

For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in Langlade County, contact the chapter’s coordinator: Joe Jopek, 622 First Avenue, Antigo, WI 54409 call 715-623-2645 or e-mail [email protected]

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A mile south of County T, a scenic vista was restored this summer. The view overlooks a Spruce/Tamarack swamp, once a former shallow glacial lake, framed by the north side of the Parrish terminal moraine. The natural process of eutrophication over the ages eventually converted the water body to a wetland from sediment run-off and organic material deposition. Bogus Swamp on the Forest Road connecting route is another example created by the natural process.

The Parrish terminal moraine is a distinctive landform which stretches over 26 miles from near Bryant to Parrish and was deposited by the Langlade lobe of the Wisconsin glacier. Langlade County contains portions of terminal moraines deposited by three of the six ice lobes of the last glacier which shaped the state’s landscape.  (Photo by Lee Auner – July 12, 2021)


Photos of driveway construction for eventual access to the Moraine-Outwash Preserve east of Antigo on Wisconsin Highway 64.



The first photo shows crews from Krueger-Steinfest of Antigo in initial stages of constructing the  driveway with a culvert for eventual access to subsequent development of the Ice Age Trail Alliance’s Moraine-Outwash Preserve. The property along Wisconsin Highway 64 is just east of Antigo. Future plans include a small parking area, a cultural survey of the site, select timber harvest, trail and interpretative markers. The second photo is of the completed driveway later that day. (Photos taken Tuesday, June 23, 2020.)

The third photo is of the Green Bay terminal moraine with a part of the preserve depicted approximately on the left half of the photo. The dip in the moraine profile is a 6 acre shallow frost pocket devoid of  mature trees like those on the county’s Kettlebowl Segment. The preserve is a short section of the 17 mile stretch of the Green Bay terminal moraine in the county. It connects with the 27 mile Parrish terminal moraine formed by the Langlade Lobe of the last continental glacial period. A large glacial outwash plain known as the Antigo flats offers a real contrast to the 44 miles of prominent terminal moraines in Langlade County. (Photo taken Wednesday, October 7, .)

The fourth photo is of the clearing which occurred on Thursday, March 4th for the eventual parking lot at the Moraine/Outwash Preserve. A Langlade  County Chapter member, Lloyd Godell, has been involved with the preserve since the Ice Age Trail Alliance purchased the property in 2014. (Photo taken March 5, 2021 by Lloyd Godell.)