Portage/Waupaca County Chapter

The Ice Age Trail crosses back and forth between Waupaca and Portage counties where the chapter maintains more than 23 miles of Ice Age Trail across five segments: Waupaca River (4.9 miles); Hartman Creek (5.6 miles); Emmons Creek (2.6 miles); Skunk and Foster Lakes (4.4 miles); and New Hope-Iola Ski Hill (5.6 miles).

Chapter volunteers promote the Trail segments by staffing numerous outreach events, planning seasonal hikes, and hosting an annual fund-raising events

The Ice Age Trail segments highlights include Hartman Creek State Park, a hike-in cabin for trail users, and some of the best examples of glacial drumlins along the Trail.

Special notes for hikers: 

  1.  Trail section between Grenlie Rd. and Indian Valley Rd. in the Skunk & Foster Lakes SNA Segment is closed from Sept. 1 through Jan 4 for hunting.  The majority of this section is on private property.  Please respect landowners request.  Trail Closed signs have been posted at each end along with No Trespassing signs.
  2.  Hwy 54 to Edminster Rd is NOW OPEN with a new  bridge, boardwalk and a scenic re-route.
  3.  Temporary Trail Closure, between County Hwy T and Krogwold Rd is closed due to high water.

We have additional segment maps available that also have mileages:

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For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in this region, contact our volunteer chapter coordinator:

Debbie Krogwold 

Email: IATA Portage/Waupaca Co Chapter: [email protected]