Want a Half a Trail? Save the LWCF!

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We could protect DOUBLE the amount of places if LWCF received its promised funding! Instead, it’s only gotten half of its funding over the last 50+ years. Tell Congress that this is why we need full, dedicated funding for LWCF!

The Ice Age Trail Alliance is working tirelessly toward completion of a contiguous Trail through Wisconsin. The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) is indispensable to that effort, investing more than $14.5M in permanently protecting the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

If you’ve walked miles on asphalt, as part of a connecting route, then you know nearly HALF of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail remains unprotected. Approximately 540 miles of the 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail is incomplete. These LWCF investments are critical funding to fill in gaps, extend the Trail and protect a continuous corridor. 

In 2017, the IATA protected just one mile of Trail. The slowdown in our acquisitions are tied directly to Congress’s failure to permanently secure the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

What YOU Can DO

Please call, write, or email your own members of Congress in the U.S. House and Senate. Calling is best, at this time.

Find your Representative here.

Find your Senator here.

What to SAY – EASY Calling Tips!

Introduce yourself, where you are from, why you are calling.

“My name is ___ and I am from (village/town/city) of Wisconsin.”

“I am calling to state my support for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.”

Mention your personal connection to the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

For example:

“I am a huge fan of the Ice Age National Scenic Trail, a 1,200-mile footpath through Wisconsin tracing unique Ice Age land formations. Hiking the Ice Age Trail gives me and my  family/friends hours of adventure and renewal while enjoying the natural beauty of Wisconsin. However, the Ice Age Trail is only half complete. The LWCF is an important funding source for land purchases needed to complete the remaining 540 miles of Trail. I want to see the Ice Age Trail completed in my lifetime. Fully funding the LWCF will help make this dream possible.”

If you feel like saying more, you can (see below). More isn’t necessary. 

Ask your Member of Congress to do whatever it takes to make sure LWCF is permanently reauthorized with full, dedicated funding.

Ask your Member of Congress to support robust funding of LWCF and oppose the current Administration’s 103% cut to LWCF in their FY19 budget.


LWCF Success in Wisconsin

  • The LWCF investments also serve as the catalyst for leveraging federal investment with State, city, county, and private dollars at a rate of 2.5 to 1. This represents a true partnership effort bringing stakeholders together to create a major economic and public health asset for Wisconsin and individual Trail Communities.
  • The Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) has also provided funding to help protect some of Wisconsin’s most special places and ensure recreational access for hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. Read the report here.


A broad coalition of stakeholders has come together to support permanent reauthorization and full and dedicated funding of the Land and Water Conservation Fund.