Blue Hills Chapter

The Blue Hills Chapter, which includes the Ice Age Trail through Rusk County, formed in 1992. Most of the Ice Age Trail through this area was designed and built in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Our members continue trailblazing with ongoing Trail maintenance projects and construction of new Trail routes.

Contact Us

For more information on chapter activities and/or hiking the Ice Age Trail in this region, contact our volunteer chapter coordinator:

Fred Nash, [email protected]

Notes for 2021 hiking season:

Northern Blue Hills Segment (Guidebook p. 46-47; Atlas Map 11f)

The old logging road heading south from the major forestry road approximately 2 miles south of Bucks Lake Road is often muddy and may be flooded at times. This road is about 0.6 miles long.  At the end of this road you turn right onto the old Chippewa River and Menominee rail bed.  The bridges on this rail bed are getting old and are being evaluated for safety.  One bridge has been removed and the others may be removed soon.  Crossing the creek is not problematic except during spring runoff and heavy rains.

There is an alternate route for those who do not feel like crossing the beaver dam just north of where the access trail from Stout Road (RU 6 in the guidebook) meets the IAT. This route includes the blue-blazed access trail, but is not marked north of Stout Road. Contact the chapter for instructions ([email protected]).

Folk art in the Southern Blue Hills Segment. Photo by Dave Caliebe.

Southern Blue Hills Segment (Guidebook p. 48-49; Atlas Map 12f)

The Town of Strickland has widened Old 14/Bass Lake Road by the IAT trailhead (RU13 in guidebook) allowing for some roadside parking.  The first 2.0 miles north of Old 14/Bass Lake Road are on private land.  You may be on candid/trail cameras.  The IAT passes through the Czekalski farm about 1.6 miles north of Old 14/Bass Lake Road near (north of) RU13 in guidebook. This is private and active pasture; you may see/encounter cows and the dairy air.  Note that the trail art (a large metal wheel with skulls attached) is along the IAT.