Changes for Mammoth Tracks App for iOS

As of October 5, 2017, the Mammoth Tracks App for iOS (iPhone and iPad) has been brought into the Guthook Guides App.  This only affects the iOS App.  Mammoth Tracks for Android is NOT affected.

If you already purchased the Mammoth Tracks App for iOS, your purchases will transfer to the new Guthook Guides App.  If the Ice Age Trail sections don’t transfer to the Guthook Guides App after you download it from the App Store, follow the instructions within the App under Info –> Transferring Past Purchases.  Email [email protected] for assistance.


Though the Mammoth Tracks App for iOS will continue to work and the trail data will be updated for the foreseeable future, we encourage you to make the switch to Guthook Guides.


For more information, visit Atlas Guides.