URGENT. Call House Reps TODAY!

Please CALL or EMAIL your House Representative before TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26th at 3:30 p.m.

Voice your SUPPORT for the S. 47 Natural Resources Management Act.

S. 47 is one of the most significant public land packages to enjoy bipartisan support in congress in recent history! It will create more than 1.3 million acres of wilderness out West, add three national park units and expand eight others.

This bill passed the Senate in a 92-8 vote. It is now under vote in the House of Representatives. (#SAVELWCF was our rallying efforts for passage of this bill.) Passage of S. 47 will ensure permanent reauthorization for the Land & Water Conservation Fund (LWCF).

S. 47 is now moving forward in the House now through an expedited suspension vote – which is good news!

It is also supported by both Democratic and Republican House Leadership – more good news!

HOWEVER, smooth sailing is NOT guaranteed.


REQUEST he or she support S. 47 as it is currently written with ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES. For S. 47 to succeed, there can be no amendments in the House without causing the entire package to collapse.

1st District, Steil, Bryan, R, (202) 225-3031

2nd District, Pocan, Mark, D, (202) 225-2906

3rd District, Kind, Ron, D, (202) 225-5506

4th District, Moore, Gwen, D, (202) 225-4572

5th District, Sensenbrenner, F. James, R, (202) 225-5101

6th District, Grothman, Glenn, R, (202) 225-2476

7th District, Duffy, Sean P., R, (202) 225-3365

8th District, Gallagher, Mike, R, (202) 225-5665

Why Should My Representative Vote for S. 47 As It Is?

  • All the packages contained in the bill will collapse and everyone will have to go back to the drawing board and start over.
  • More than 110 bills are contained in this package, producing a carefully crafted and balanced compromise including not only permanent LWCF reauthorization but a host of other conservation priorities.
  • Not everyone got everything they wanted, that is the nature of compromise. It is imperative this balance be maintained to keep the package on track to become law, which cannot wait—LWCF has been expired for nearly five months now at a cost of $360M to conservation and recreation projects across the country.
  • The measure protects 1.3 million acres as wilderness, the nation’s most stringent protection, which prohibits even roads and motorized vehicles. It permanently withdraws more than 370,000 acres of land from mining around two national parks, including Yellowstone, and permanently authorizes a program to spend offshore-drilling revenue on conservation efforts.

What is the LWCF?

  • LWCF is America’s most important tool for meeting conservation and recreation needs, from iconic national parks and wildlife refuges, to neighborhood playgrounds and recreation facilities.
  • Significant amounts of Ice Age National Scenic Trail corridor has been purchased with money from the LWCF.
  • LWCF does all this without using any taxpayer dollars – it is funded with revenues paid to the government from offshore oil and gas drilling.